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The American Committee Veterinary Medicinal Products (CAMEVET) is a regional project which aims to facilitate the harmonization of standards, records, and control of veterinary medicines among member countries.

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from 23/09/2019 to 27/09/2019


Montego Bay, Jamaica
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The Committee was created during the V Semminar on Harmonisation of Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicinal Products as COLMEVET (download the creation document, spanish only), held in La Habana, Cuba, in 1999, and ratified during the XV OIE Regional Conference of the Americas Regional Commission held in Cartagena, Colombia, March 2000, and countersigned during the General Session of the OIE International Committe on May 2000, where the rules where approved (donwnload the rules, updated 2017).
The Committee is the only area of discussion and proposals which adapts to the needs and the possibilities in the areas of registration of veterinary products in America.

Strategic Plan 2015-2020
The Committee of Veterinary Medicines for the Americas, working group for the harmonization of the registration and control of veterinary drugs under the umbrella of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), has been in continuous operation since 1992, when the first Seminar was held of Harmonization of Standards for Registration and Control of Veterinary Medicines in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a unique institution of its kind since it combines the efforts of the official sector and the private sector in a framework of frank and open discussion.
The products of the group, in the form of standards applicable to this area, are a set of documents that allow the real technical requirements to obtain effective, safe and innocuous veterinary products, equivalent to those recommended, to be downloaded to the real terrain of the member countries on an international level.


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