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The OIE National Focal Point on Veterinary Laboratories

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Terms of Reference for the OIE National Focal Point for Veterinary Laboratories

OIE has requested Delegates to nominate national focal points for disease notification, wildlife, veterinary products, animal production food safety, animal welfare, aquatic animals and communication. The OIE global focal point network is currently active for these topics. The OIE is now initiating focal points for veterinary laboratories and asking Delegates to nominate individuals with high level laboratory expertise to support him in fulfilling his rights and  responsibilities to OIE.

As detailed in the final report of the 76th General Session of the World Assembly of National Delegates in May 2008, the responsibilities of all focal points are under the authority of the OIE Delegate. Any information transmitted to the OIE from the different focal points needs to be transmitted under the designated authority of the OIE Delegate. This practice would equally apply if focal points are located in other Departments or Ministries not under jurisdiction of the Veterinary Authority, as from a legal perspective the OIE considers the official OIE Delegate to be the unique representative of the country.

Details on proposed tasks of the national focal point for veterinary laboratories:

1. to establish a network of experts in the country on veterinary laboratory issues and/or to communicate with existing networks;

2. to establish and maintain a dialogue with the Competent Authority for veterinary laboratories in the country, including facilitating cooperation and communication among several authorities where responsibility for veterinary
laboratories is shared. This would also incorporate facilitating cooperation and communication with Competent Authorities of other National Laboratories, including those in other government Ministries. Keep updated on the legislation and activities of the National Veterinary Laboratories to verify that they are in conformity with the standards and guidelines of the OIE;

3. to serve as focal point for the OIE in topics related to the National Veterinary Laboratories, including contributing to determining the training and other capacity building needs for the National Veterinary Laboratories in the country;

4. to compile responses to requests for information required by the OIE in coordination with National Veterinary Laboratories that provide specific  competence in the subject of consultation;

5. if prompted, to organize consultations with recognized experts in the area of veterinary laboratories in the country on OIE draft standards and/or guidelines and country proposals to the OIE of new standards;

6. to prepare comments for the Delegate on all relevant OIE draft standards and/or guidelines and country proposals of new standards to the OIE, reflecting the points of view and the scientific positions of the OIE Member Country
or the region;

7. to maintain contact with the other OIE national focal points for veterinary laboratories that belong to regional networks and with experts of OIE Reference Laboratories present in the Region;

8. to collaborate with OIE Reference Centres worldwide;

9. to prepare proposals for participation of National Veterinary Laboratories in the OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme when relevant.

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