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Reference Laboratories Mandate and Internal Rules

OIE Collaborating Centers are centers of expertise in a specific designated sphere of competence relating to the management of general questions on animal health issues (for example epidemiology, risk analysis, etc.). In its designated field of competence, they must provide their expertise internationally (see OIE Mandate and Internal Rules for Collaborating Centers).

Collaborating Centres of the Office International des Epizooties shall have as their mandate:

- to operate as a centre of research, expertise, standardisation and dissemination of techniques within their sphere of competence;  

- to propose or develop any procedure which will facilitate harmonisation of international regulations applicable to the surveillance and control of animal diseases;  

- to place expert consultants at the disposal of the Office International des Epizooties.

In addition they may:

- within their sphere of competence, provide scientific and technical training to personnel from Member Countries of the Office;  

- organise scientific meetings on behalf of the Office;  

- coordinate scientific and technical studies in collaboration with other laboratories or organisations;  

- publish and disseminate any information in their sphere of competence which may be useful to Member Countries of the Office.

Internal rules

Article 1
Applications for the title of Collaborating Centre of the Office International des Epizooties shall be submitted to the Director General by the Delegate of the Member Country to which the establishment belongs or by the corresponding Regional Commission.

Article 2
Applications received shall be presented by the Director General, after consultation with the appropriate Specialised Commission and Regional Commission, to the Administrative Commission at its annual meetings. Applications shall be selected solely on the basis of scientific and technical competence of the candidate establishment.

Article 3
Applications endorsed by the Commission shall be presented to the Committee for approval.

Article 4
After approval by the Committee, a letter of notification shall be sent by the Director General to the Director of the Collaborating Centre.

Article 5
Notification shall entitle the Centre to use the name "OIE Collaborating Centre" and to use the OIE emblem on all documents issued by the Centre in its official capacity.

Article 6
The rights conferred by Article 5 shall require full compliance by the Collaborating Centre with its mandate, within the limits of facilities available, and provision of a brief annual report of its activities at the end of each calendar year of its mandate. This report will be distributed to all Member Countries.

Article 7
The designation Collaborating Centre shall be valid for four years, at the end of which the Director General may propose to the Committee that it be renewed. Either party may revoke this designation at any time.

Article 8
Any major change within a Collaborating Centre which may impair its competence (particularly changes in personnel and in material or financial resources) shall be reported immediately to the Director General of the Office